Damiano Lamonaca

Barletta, born in 1976. Son of an artist. Fascinated by shapes and techniques of photography, he soon starts with his experimentation.

In 2010 he is awarded with QIP (Qualified Italian Photographer) and inaugurates his Exhibition number one with the works of art presented for the award. Subsequently, “Clouds”. In 2011, in the occasion of R-evolution, international event of photography, the exhibition that expresses the climax of its artistic vein: “Whiterush”, obtaining a huge success on trade magazines. He attends the Professional Photography Awards 2011 Research section, awarded with the Absolute Gold in the category. In June, he exhibits in Monopoli (BA) for “Biolfish”, in Citerna (PG) in the occasion of Citernafotografia 2011 and attends the 14th China International Photographic Art Exhibition that will be held in July.
In June 2012 an important Chinese magazine publishes the whole Whiterush series. Finalist of Masters Hasselblad 2014 in three categories “product”, silver at the One Eyeland Photography Awards, gold medal for “Nude” at the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT in 2015, honourable mention in 2018 at the International Photography Awards and "artistic merit certificate" Luxembourg Art Prize. Bronze,"World’s top ten Portrait” One Eyeland Photography Awards 2023, finalist Fine Art Photography Awards 2023 , category “nudes”.